• 02/2017: Patent app on use of voice tags in social media cited several times by Apple and Facebook.

  • 01/2017: Book chapter published in International Journal of Organizational and Collective Intelligence (IJOCI)! Available here for purchase.

  • 03/2016: New assignment!  Joining recently acquired Weather Company org to help with data and analytics solutions.

  • 01/2016: Forbes interview on enterprise innovation and intrapreneurship – You can read it here.

  • 12/2015: High engagement on a LinkedIn post on enterprise creativity – Read it directly on LinkedIn – or my blog.

  • 09/2015: Re-elected as IBM Master Inventor – This time smaller, prettier plaques.        

  • 01/2014: New assignment!  Joining a new org to help build a counter fraud and case investigation solution.

  • 08/2013: Authored a whitepaper on Information Virtualization! You can read it here.

  • 05/2013: Book published as part of IBM Redbooks publication! More here.

  • 04/2013: Graduate school Alumni award! Excerpt below – read more here and here.


  • 08/2012: Presented at America Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) in Seattle, WA! Read more here and here.

  • 08/2012: Demo-ed at IBM Information on Demand Conference in Las Vegas, NV!

  • 07/2012: First Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (IBM OTAA) for product design and architecture!

  • 06/2011: High value patent and invention of the quarter awards for ideas disclosed in Semantic Web space. You can read the publicly disclosed versions here and here.

  • 08/2010: Paper accepted at 22nd International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence in France!

  • 06/2010: Open sourced Semantixs – a Semantic Text Understanding System based on my research thesis – See video below and read more here