3 Tenets of Intrapreneur’s Theory of Creativity

Meet Instein the intrapreneur – Einstein’s twin from a parallel universe. Arguably, Einstein had his version of intrapreneurship, publishing 4 groundbreaking papers, while working a day-job as a patent clerk. Instein, on the other hand, is a staunch believer in a more conventional form of intrapreneurship – so much so that he decided to emphasize […]

Deconstructing Innovation for IBM’s second century

My first impression of IBM being a desirable stop to set roots and perform innovative work were formed in mid 90s during those iconic Deepblue-Kasparov games. I was young and it was hard not to be gripped by the historic moment and start to form a mental model of the sort of organization (people, processes, […]

3 Insights On Being Intrapreneurial From Charlie The Waiter

It’s interesting how seemingly casual conversations can provoke thoughts across a broad spectrum and end up being instructive. Sometime back, I had one such conversation with a restaurant server (Charlie) while having late dinner. Are enjoying your dinner sir?’ Yes, everything is good, thanks. ‘That’s great, you seem like you had a long day.  ‘Yeah, […]

Thoughts on a Programmer’s Evolution

Recently, I spoke to a group of aspiring programmers who were looking to participate in a coding boot camp. Majority of the audience were looking to make a mid career move from a non-tech industry and as such, wanted to understand their options at a high-level. What follows is the set of charts that I […]

An anecdote on Technology Patents and Defensive Publications

Sometime back, one of my ideas on a classification variant using neural-networks got published on IP.com as what’s known as a defensive publication. I always thought it to be a really strong candidate for a patent application, and was a bit disappointed when my employer’s patent review board decided that it should instead be published […]

Resolving 403 forbidden page error for WordPress blogs

Few years back, I decided to move and completely re-purpose my blog from Blogger/Blogspot to WordPress. The transition was mainly driven by a desire to host the blog on my own domain since that gives me a lot more flexibility to customize and manage the content. Luckily, my hosting provider had a ready installation package […]